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Welcome to New Age Norseman Forums.

My name is David Jordahl, and I'm the "New Age Norseman."
I've been living in the Twin Cities, MN, since 1978.
Right now, I live in the NE neighborhood, just north of downtown Minneapolis, across the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

Real Life Research & Development
In 2010 I began working on a concept for a new nonprofit, called the CSR Direct Project.   The seed of this Project began while I was labeled "homeless", in the Minneapolis, Hennepin County Shelter System.

Today's Journal Update / November

Friday, November 18th, 2022
Did not get enough sleep, again, last night.  But, something seemed restful enough.  Was raring to go.  Wasn't as early as I'd like, yet earlier than yesterday.  Progress.

Ridgedale Library, 12pm to 5pm.
Watched 3 episodes of FBI: Most Wanted
  • I watch TV shows like this (and others like it) to enjoy the action and detective investigation story lines.  Most of the time these type of shows take their story line right out of the headlines, with just enough changes to keep it legal.
  • One of the episodes was about sex trafficking of children, and basic kidnapping.  Their "lesson" was very weak, if not actually pathetic.  I hope to find ways to review and correct these "lessons" TV shows pedal to the public.  Essentially, these networks are feeding the publics sickness right back to them, and are NOT being at all helpful, or meaningful!  I have every capacity of articulating exactly what I mean by that, ten fold!

Thursday, November 17th, 2022
Today, feeling much better than yesterday, re eyelid (stye, or infection).  Again, did not get enough sleep.  So, took the morning slower than usual.  Had to go to the Library today.  Four days staying at home has given me a significant amount of cabin fever.  
Ridgedale Library, 2pm to 7:15pm

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022
Last night I woke up about 2am and I felt some pain in my left eye.  I was able to lay down and sleep without feeling the pain.  However, every time I got up I could feel it, what turned out to be my eyelid.  I made an appointment with my Ophthalmologist.  In my continued office visits I've been learning more about my doctors and their office practice.  Most notably today, my ophthalmologist kept saying this "go in (this) room, and I will deal with you in a few minutes."

Thursday, November 10th, 2022
Again, not nearly enough sleep, but I feel okay.  I was up a little earlier than usual, but couldn't sleep.  Got started a bit earlier than usual, but took the morning slow for my own... let say sanity.  Left of Ridgedale library at about 11:43am.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022
Today is the Midterm Elections.  I voted!  However, again, I was not prepared by knowing who the candidates were.  By the way, my particular ballot had two sides to it, and the back or second side was full of candidates for local judges, and what not.  But, all of these races only had one person running.  So, unless a person fills their own candidate, no marking or voting was needed!

I can say this, without a very very very special circumstance, by NO means will I vote for a Republican.  Especially, in light of the Trump sickness and continued festering failure.  Having said that, I have a great deal of correction and scolding for the Democratic party.  For the record, no party has ever been worthy of my membership!

Current Struggle and Challenge
Responding to the lawyers, with whom I signed a contract in 2020 (about June) to represent me in "their" suit against the Boy Scouts of America

The law firm with whom I signed a contract is Slater, Slater, and Schulman.  This includes all their associates.  Flatly, these people are all absolutely incompetent and sick.  Their primary, and I would say only concern is to make MONEY!  Someone else I know, that was, in his words "raped" by a priest here in Minneapolis, Minnesota was awarded $300,000.00 and his lawyers received 30%.  My lawyers would get 40% for whatever award I received.  About 98% of the correspondence I received from Slater, Slater and Schulman was only focused on MONEY.  Nothing else!  This makes me sick!

My Video Comment:  (see Video by ABC News/Nightline)
"I was a victim, at the age of 13, in 1972.  I have been talking about my abuses for almost 40 years.  This guy sitting with the director of the documentary is weak to me!  He is NO leader to me.  All of this is Bovine Scat!  Weakness.  As a culture, America (and whoever around the world) is very good at pointing at the "problem", but pathetic at actually facing it with any attempt to change anything.  My "Scout Master" named John Baker was also the principal of my Jr High School, my father's boss, and someone with whom my father and I went fishing.  My father was a drunk and domestic abuser that NEVER changed.  No one in authority, responsibility and leadership proved worthy of my trust.  My sexual assault perpetrator was a Native American Navy Seal.  After the first and only time, I ran out of his house and never looked back!  I was given every reason to be out of control.  I was given every reason to become an addict, or as it was said in my day, a junkie. I never got into drinking, or drugs, or smoking, or even gambling.  I became an athlete in High School.  I was terrible in academics, but excelled in Waterpolo.  ABC News and Nightline is just another organization that using this kind of news to make money.  The people in this video are leading no real change here, no leadership, no genuine healing.  I know what that is.  I am here to say so much more before I leave this mortal coil."