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Welcome to New Age Norseman Forums.

My name is David Jordahl, and I'm the "New Age Norseman."
I've been living in the Twin Cities, MN, since 1978.
Right now, I live in the NE neighborhood, just north of downtown Minneapolis, across the Hennepin Avenue Bridge.

For the past 12 years I have been developing the CSR Direct Project because I was being proactive while staying in the Minneapolis and Hennepin County shelter system.  Yes, I was leading by example, demonstrating and teaching the "helping community" how to get "it" right!  This is NOT a joke, NOT an exaggeration!

Journal Updates

Monday, June 20, 2022
Today, I simply made quick visit to look around and post a couple things.

Site Design Updates

Friday, May 13, 2022
Today, I changed the style of this Forums website to something new.  I believe something much easier on the eyes.

Acoustic Music Playlist
  • This is the kind of music that I have taken to be my preference.  All the other styles and playlists I have, and can put together.  This playlist is more uniquely me, who I am.  There's the music I grew up listening to.  There's the styles of music I dance to.  There's the music and musician's that calm me down, and settle my soul.  There's the kind of music that helps me connect with my ancestry.
  • However, this kind of music is the kind that more directly represents me, who I am.